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Case studies

Clinical development


Moving a small or large molecule from bench to bedside is a lengthy and resource intensive process that also comes with great risk. Products would never reach market without the expertise of clinical development professionals to address nonclinical and clinical strategy, medical / regulatory writing, and commercialization.


FSP Consulting Support - Clinical Medical Writing, Medical Monitoring, & Biostats

Our client had a very complex drug platform that required extensive in-house expertise in conjunction with an outsourced model to execute on a variety of different activities. The organization had a mixed experience with a CRO that was unable to provide more specialized services and resources to meet their unique business challenges.

Senior leadership was exploring different options to address unmet needs across critical projects and plan for future growth of internal functional groups while also utilizing cost-effective solution for the more routine tasks. Additionally, the Clinical Development team was further challenged with the need to utilize subject matter experts across a variety of the therapeutics areas in which the organization focused.

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